Even though I was excited about joining the corporate world after 23 years, I was also feeling overwhelmed. Would I be a fit after so many years? How would I connect with people at work? How would it feel to onboard virtually? When I asked family and friends, they would say that I would do great, and that there was nothing much to worry about. While this was good advice, it didn't help with a real plan.

I approached Shyam, and he helped me with specific ideas and actions. His experiences were complementary to mine, as he was transitioning out of corporate into being a freelancer, and I was doing the exact opposite. This created a partnership dynamic for our dialogue.

The best 'gold nugget' I received from Shyam was when I joined my new job. He suggested that before asking someone to help me, I need to do something for them. I looked for opportunities to help my new colleagues, to make their work easier by contributing what I knew. I have started building relationships now, based in a mindset of 'giving' rather than 'getting'. Shyam's infectious sense of humour helped me the most, as it helped me balance my fear with a sense of fun and anticipation. 

You will enjoy working with Shyam. He puts his clients' interests first and will do the best by you.


Some people are so smart that interacting with them makes you feel stupid. There are others that are so smart that interacting with them makes you feel smarter. Shyam falls firmly in the latter category.

My experience working with Shyam has always been that he has made me work harder, feel smarter, and ultimately get better. He does this by not just bringing to bear his huge experience in multiple functions of the technology industry, but also his ability to establish personal equations with the people with whom he interacts. I have personally observed him do this with his stakeholders in Wilson Learning, as well as with the participants in the workshops that he has delivered as a facilitator in our extended enterprise.

He has not only facilitated group workshops to an extremely high standard of delivery, but also coached participants one-on-one in follow up interactions that have helped them successfully and consistently implement skills learnt in the classroom in their personal work environments.

Wilson Learning has primarily employed Shyam as a facilitator/coach in leadership development initiatives across multiple levels of leadership, from frontline to senior executive leadership. He has successfully worked with clients across India in his association with us so far, and his efforts have consistently received superior feedback from all of them. His cross-cultural experience means that I would not hesitate for a second to position him in front of audiences from any geography globally.


Working with Shyam has been a pleasure and a privilege, and one that I hope continues for many, many years to come.