Hi, my name is Shyam Sadasivan and 
I help you create magic at work

The fact that you're here probably means you're in a similar place I was in my career: a bit stuck, a bit confused , exhausted by going through the motions at work and unsure what the future held in store.  And if you're going through what I was at the time, you are probably unsure about how to proceed.

Today I am a career coach and expert facilitatorAnd I can help you get where you want to be.

Let me tell you a bit about myself,
and what makes me so good at what I do.

When I left my corporate career,
I was in a leading 
HR role for Asia.


I negotiated >$50M Business Deals in China and Taiwan

I began as an Engineer writing
code for mobile chips.




I led Operations
for a $100M business


I Launched an award winning
technology product

Moving across continents. Learning new skills. Changing my career.
I have done it all. Successfully.

I can help you do the same.

Here are some of the things that have shaped me as a person..


My family and friends,
PSBB Chennai, BITS Pilani, University of Arizona,
University of Cambridge 


Percussion ( drums, mridangam, tabla,cajon), Riding (Royal Enfield, KTM,Ather), Reading ( list is too long for here!),  Making things with my hands ( I work with leather )


Watching my two kids growing up into such beautiful human beings


Arm, Softbank, Semiconductors
Intellectual Property(IP), EDA, Mobile Technology, Product Management, Pricing, Royalties, Negotiation, HR, People, Employee Experience, Learning and Development, Training, Coaching, Consulting, Speaking


New Delhi, Karaikudi, Chennai, Pilani, Arizona, California, Cambridge(UK), Bangalore


Missed selections for Tamil Nadu state under-15 cricket team ( the invite arrived late, can you believe it?)


Lifelong learner,

Wanderer, Deep Generalist
Speak English/Hindi/Tamil,
Married with two kids


I shaved my head in 2016.
I've never thought of hair since.

Watch my story


My family - you inspire me to fight through hardship with a smile.

All my ex-bosses - thank you for teaching me so much.

My closest friends - you know me so well, but still stick around.

And here are some of the experiments that are shaping me right now ..


Yes, I have written a book! And I will be writing much much more ..


I am spending more time outside Bangalore in the beautiful rustic countryside


I am giving a variety of talks in many different contexts and settings, on various topics


I have always loved theatre, and I am working on some ideas at the intersection of acting & learning

What keeps me going..

I'll be honest - I don't talk much about passion. I have never found it very useful. I was never inclined to 'pursue my passion'. I never knew what that meant. I was instead inclined to be curious, and experience new contexts, new people and new challenges. 


I pursued my curiosity, by trying new things and keeping at it. And it has worked for me. When I did something long enough, I got better at it, and I felt like doing it again.  That's my definition of passion - when I want to do something again.   And I am lucky to have found so many things that I like to do, again and again. 

I began my career as an engineer, but very soon I realized that I was a generalist at heart. I was looking for breadth, and I changed roles regularly, enjoying diverse experiences across technology, operations, commercial and human aspects of business. Variety , I understood over time, is indeed the spice of life.

​I am a personal development nerd, and love to experiment with a variety of learning modes and methods. Over the years, I realized that I learnt best from other people - friends, colleagues, teachers, coaches and mentors. Nothing beats  a great conversation that gives me an Aha moment! 

People keep me going. Even when the chips are down.

What I want from the Universe

​These lines from Roger S. Keyes’s poem ‘Hokusai says’ inspire me everyday –

He says keep looking, stay curious.

He says there is no end to seeing.

He says keep changing, you just get more who you really are.​

All I really want is to get to know myself better, and become more of who I really am. Everything else, is a bonus.

Shyam Sadasivan

Career Coach, 
Expert Facilitator,
Author & Speaker

BITS Pilani Graduate,
Cambridge MBA, 

Deep Generalist, and 

Your Partner In Real Change

So, that's me in a nutshell!