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The best part about my job is that I get to meet awesome, driven people (like yourself!) and hear their inspiring career change stories. I enjoy talking to people and understand how they overcome barriers, face their fears and most importantly, TAKE ACTION


If you're looking for inspiring career stories to help you reflect on your own career journey, overcome similar career change obstacles and gather courage to take action, here are some success stories for you!


Thank you to all those who have shared their career change story with us. Your stories are honest, inspiring and promise to provide the insight and motivation career changers are looking for. 

Martin Knights

From HM Royal Marines To Marketing To Teaching

The big change for me was from the military to civvy-street. . .

Nanditha Suresh

From Technical Writer To Physical Design Engineer

From the beginning, I have always wanted to be in a. . .

Parakash Nairr

From HR To Coach

Focus on the process and results will follow. . .

Apoorva Joshi

From Technology To Health and Wellness

When in doubt, study - My first boss used to say this to anyone who . . .

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