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What's Stopping You From A Career Change At 30?

You think you're too old to change careers? Wondering what career you can start in your 30s? Are you struggling to take action? Let's talk about what's stopping you from changing careers.

career change at 30

Are you asking yourself -

  • I want to change my career, but I am worried about starting from scratch, should I go for it?

  • I wish I could change my career to something in my area of interest, but I am scared about succeeding in it. Is this the right direction for me?

  • I love the other side of the grassland, but isn’t it too late to fall in love with that?

  • I like being on the creative side of things rather than the technical side. But who would want to hire me with no experience?

These are the common questions that most career changers ask themselves. Some of these act as career growth obstacles and deter people from moving forward.

But they're obstacles that can be overcome.

30 is a great age to change careers. You've got good experience, skills and understand what recruiters want from you.

What's Stopping You From A Career Change At 30?

Career change in your 30s is the best thing to do. Why do I say that?

  • You've probably saved up some money to take a risk, you feel safe making the switch

  • Gained enough experience to understand where your interest lies

  • Gained the non-technical skills to take on a new role– such as problem solving skills, analytical skills, creative approach, etc., which is what recruiters will look out for in resumes with passive experience

So, what's stopping you?

In this article, we're going to show you that a career change is possible, how you can do it, and why being in your 30s is the best time to switch careers.

1. Let's start with a career change quiz!

Answer this quick career change quiz to help you understand the "HOW", "WHY" and "WHAT" of your career change process.

  1. HOW HAPPY AM I AT MY JOB? - Always listen to your heart. It knows you well.

  2. WHY DO I WANT A CHANGE? - Simon Sinek would agree. Start with why.

  3. WHAT DOES A CAREER CHANGE PLAN LOOK LIKE? - You don't need pages of planning. Do you have a back-of-napkin version to start with?

Clarity on this marks the alleviation of the first and most common obstacle – Ignorance of self interests. As far as career is concerned, your interests play a huge role in making you You, a successful You, and a satisfied You. These are the ones that make a successful career.

2. You're not starting anew! You're changing.

You have had a certain career so far, and there are multiple things that you have learned and picked up. Remember to leverage your experience, these matter the most in a career change.

The list of achievements matters when you need promotion in your current line of work. But

the pathway that you took to get there is the life skill that is applicable across industries. Use these to your advantage in your new role, for these are your assets and selling points to bag the career-changing role that you aspire for.

So, what life skills are you taking with you?

3. Build On Your Support System

Professional networking will land you a job. No doubt about it.

Have you heard of inspirational networking? The one that makes the backbone of your story and provides you with

  • Motivation

  • Emotional Support

  • Reassurance

These are factors that will help you keep track of your progress and assure you that you are going in the right direction.


Yes, you don't have to do it alone. Make them part of your career story.

4. Make Career Change Affordable

Most people look for answers to the all-important money question, “Do I have enough to handle a few bad days, weeks, or even months?”

The best way to address this is to prepare well before you plan to make the shift. If your new career involves starting your own business, make sure you have enough saved to sustain your lifestyle before you leapfrog.

It's equally important that you set a schedule and set goals with timelines to achieve your career change.

These will help you know if your strategy is right, bring in a change in approach if required, and help you stay focused on achieving your goals.

So, can you afford a career change?

5. It's Never Too Late To Take The Plunge

Times change, our interests change, careers change too!

And there’s never a defined age limit for this. We often tend to dwell in the past and do not take into consideration our current interests.

How do you address this? Here are some ideas -

  • Shift your focus to the future, consider the long-term benefits

  • Weigh in on the quality of life that you would have if you take up a career that interests you

  • When you do something you love, the performance and results increase multi-fold

And this is exactly what you need to be successful in your career. Do you agree?

6. Let Go Of Fear, Trust Yourself

All the fear and anxiousness of career change in 30 aren’t as bad as they sound!

Here’s the good part:

  • When you decide to leapfrog, fear brings out the best in us

  • They help us make actionable career plans

  • They make us want to win over and succeed

Fear is good, but only when you have the will to overcome it.

7. Count On Your Attitude

Your openness to learn and positive attitude towards career change in the 30s play a huge role in making it a success. Do not let any negativity or demotivators come in your way of a career change!

Rely on the positive attitude towards a career change. You’ve embraced it, stay excited and keep the feeling warm. To help with the change -

  • Keep upskilling

  • Keep networking

  • Keep your close ones informed on your traction

  • Accept relevant gigs, however small or big they are. Every experience is an asset

Gift yourself by accepting and acknowledging the faith and trust your recruiter/investor has in you!

PS: “Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone.” – Shannon L. Alder


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