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What Is Career Coaching? And How Can It Help You?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

career coaching

Career coaching is a service that helps you figure out what the right professional path is for you. Career coaches provide professional guidance to people of various professions, fields, and backgrounds. Career coaching is a solution-based approach to all kinds of career decisions. You can seek advice on your current job search, general professional development, or guidance on a mid-life career change.

The idea behind career coaching is to ensure people make informed decisions about their career development. Along with offering tools that help them meet their career goals such as LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, resume building, etc. The focus is on actions, results, and accountability.

How you can benefit from Career Coaching

what is career coaching

Still not convinced? Don't worry, there's more!

With career coaching one of the biggest benefits is that you get personalized advice that is tailored to you. All the tools and help provided will be in line with your specific situation. Not only that, career coaching gives you all the tools you need to take your next big career step in a hassle free, neat little package. You can figure out a clear career path with the help of a career coach and in a surprisingly easy manner.

Once you start working with a career coach, they will show you the key to assess your current situation, identify strengths and weaknesses, and help you figure out the best next step. Career coaching also aids in helping you identify potential skill gaps, and differentiating factors, as well as what you can do to bridge those gaps.

When and Why, You Should Hire A Career Coach?

Even though you can benefit from hiring a career coach at any stage in your career, there are still certain times when you should hire one. Some of these moments are discussed below.

Job transition

Any kind of job transition can be a terrifying ordeal. But if you're planning on making a major career change, such as moving from one industry or one specialty to a completely different industry then you should look into hiring a career coach. Rather than throwing caution to the wind, you need someone to help guide you. Someone who has the appropriate skills, experience, and expertise guaranteed to make your transition as smooth as possible.

Job interviews

Reaching the job interview stage is a huge success, but what if you never get past this stage? Something about interviews just terrifies you and makes you nervous? don't worry, It happens to the best of us. Here, you need the help of a professional such as a career counsellor, who has the experience and expertise required to see you safely throw the interviewing process. Someone who can conduct mock interviews with you, keep your spirits high, as well as discuss and prepare for every type of scenario is essential at this stage.

Lack of response

Do you find yourself struggling with a lack of response from employers despite having sent out a large number of resumes to various organizations? Sounds like you might need the help of a career coach. The issue here does not lie with you or your resume. The issue lies with how you present your qualifications, experiences as well as what you would bring to the organization if hired. This is why you need a professional to tell you exactly what to say and how to say it.

You're ambitious

You are ambitious and are searching for ways to speed up your journey or have a higher career trajectory, a career coach is the best choice for you. A career coach acts as a catalyst in helping you achieve your professional goals and prioritizing success.

Six types of Career Coaching Clients: Which one are you?

Career coaching clients differ based on the reason they approach a career coach, and what they expect to get by career coaching. Take a look! You might be one of them.

1. The client who doesn't feel fulfilled in their job

This client has an already established career, but they just don't feel fulfilled. They don't understand why but they hate their job.

2. The client who doesn't know what career to choose

These clients are usually undergrad students, sometimes they already have a specific major, but most of the time they don't. They don't know which career they want, how they are going to have their dream career. They don't have a realistic idea of job prospects in their chosen field and is overall confused about which option might be good for them

3. The client who expects a career coach to have all the answers

This client expects the career coach to not only have all the answers but also expects them to land the client a job opportunity without any effort on the client's side. This is not a career coach's favourite client.

4. The client who is not willing to introspect

This client is not willing to take the time to introspect and look within themselves to figure out what the problem might be

5. The client who is open to all new ideas

This is the best type of client to be. As a client, your coach can only do as much as you let him. This means you need to have a broad-minded approach and be open and willing to all kinds of new ideas.

6. The client who knows what he wants to do but doesn't know how to get it.

This client knows the result they want, but they don't know which career path to take to get to it. Which is why instead of floundering around the need the help of professional to provide them with tools and services to help figure out their career path

In the end, remember hiring a career coach is entirely your decision.

"Your career is your business "as, Dorit Sher said, "it's time for you to take charge of it like a CEO".

And who better to help you do that than a career coach?


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