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What To Do When You're Experiencing a Mid-Career Burnout

What is career burnout ? In simple terms, if you have lost enthusiasm at work, if you are dragging yourself to work every day and if you feel emotionally low, leading to poor performance and dissatisfaction, then this is it.

mid career burnout

It is high time you admit, address and soothe that feeling of job burnout, and give it utmost importance to overcome it.

Let's start with the most important question -

How do you know if you're experiencing mid-career burnout?

There could be times when you find yourself in a position where you are unable to explain the Why’s and What’s of how you feel. Please know that it is absolutely NORMAL to feel this way.

What is NOT NORMAL is to brush away these thoughts and rely on destiny to sort things out for you. Worse than that is to be well aware and yet choose neglect over action.

Signs You're Experiencing Mid-Career Burnout

Career burnout sometimes goes unnoticed until you reach the tipping point.

Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge the signs, and keep the conversation between your heart and mind healthy! So, what should you do when you want to find out?

Stay calm, sit back, and take this career quiz!

  • Do you lack the motivation to spring out of your bed every morning, and get started for the day?

  • Do you feel that your productivity at work has taken a hit?

  • Are you feeling unhappy with your deliverables?

  • Are you unable to escape the continuous uneasiness about your work-life?

  • Have you been unsuccessful in having meaningful conversations with your colleagues?

  • Have you reached a point where you feel that your learning curve is suddenly falling blunt?

  • Are you bored with the monotony, and has it affected your career?

If the answer to one or more question is a YES, you're most probably having a burnout.

What To Do When You're Experiencing a Mid-Career Burnout

Once you've understood what you're feeling is indeed a burnout, it's time to acknowledge it and take action.

I know I'm burned out, what next?

Once you agree to admit that you are experiencing a career burnout, take a break from your routine. Because you deserve it.

Neglecting a career burnout comes with a piece of heavy baggage. It could lead to both physical and mental health issues that may burn out your future. Besides, when your health takes a toll, pretty much everything around you is affected.

Instead, try and understand what is it that is leading you to experience this burnout. What will it take to get out and feel energised again? Ask yourself -

  • Is it the current nature of your job?

  • Or the people you work with?

  • Or the very job itself?

Think about options that could help you get out of the situation you're at now. For example, talking to career coach or mentor could help you understand yourself better and figure out your next career steps.

I know I'm burned out, I know the what’s and why's. What next?

Did you just have a light bulb moment? Have you found out what makes you happy? Are you glad you took the time to understand why you're feeling what you're feeling right now?

Next step is to get unstuck from a rut and get moving in your career. Here are some ideas for you -

  • Speak to your manager or boss (if you have one). Explain why you're feeling burned out. And request for any changes you'd like at your workplace that you believe will make you feel better. Make sure you act on your issues by doing what’s necessary.

  • Evaluate your options. Can you take a career break to take time to think about your next career steps?

  • Check your work-life routine, and if it's out of balance, talk to someone about it.

  • Track your progress and make sure you're heading in the right direction.

I know I'm burned out, I know the what’s and why’s, I took action. Now what?

Great. You feel that you're in a slightly better position than before. But there's still a lot to do if you want your career to flourish without the overwhelm and burnout.

Here are a few pointers to ensure you overcome burnout and make important career decisions wisely -

  • Know what you value the most in your career.

  • Know what will keep you happy at work.

  • Make a list of your priorities and stay focused on what most matters.

  • Keep things in perspective - Remember that nobody is perfect and it's OK to doubt yourself, make mistakes and feel regret over things.

If you are one with philosophical thinking, then here’s one for you –

Nothing is bigger an asset than peace of mind and a content smile on your face when you retire for the day. And nothing is more rewarding than the satisfaction of earning it while you have thoroughly enjoyed working towards it.

PS: Remember to take care of yourself. You can’t pour from an empty cup - Unknown

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